I've always had a love for design.  After encouragement from family and friends, design is now my career.  I am ready to listen to your needs and bring some fresh ideas to your table in budget friendly style.

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Customer Testimonials

"Your insight and skill gave us the  look we have been striving to perfect for many, many years!
Many thanks for all the time and effort you put forth to make remake our rooms into a fabulous retreat!  We look forward to working with you again the near future!"

                                                       Elaine M.


"When we first met, LaVonne took the time to get a feel for my style, and she definitely got it right! From the color of the paint to the decorations themselves, LaVonne wanted to be certain that what she did would be something that I loved.  LaVonne started the project on the agreed-upon date and worked diligently until it was completed, and she made sure things were neat and organized when she left.

 If you have a room that could use a makeover, I’d definitely recommend letting LaVonne take a look.  My husband and I are actually hiring her to do several other windows for us, and I am going seek her expertise on some other rooms as well!"

                                            Patty D.

LaVonne had redone a room for my sister Patty, who then recommended her to us.  We were fairly satisfied with how our living room looked before the makeover, but just felt it could be jazzed up a bit.  We were impressed with the ideas LaVonne had right from the start, and when she submitted her designs there was nothing we wanted to change.  

When I came home the day of the redo, I felt like I was on a home-improvement show - it was so exciting to take in the whole room at once and then discover all the little detail work she had done.  Our favorite was the lamp and the specially-designed shelf using repurposed dresser drawers.  I think my dad put it best when he said, "It's amazing how something that looked nice beforehand can be made to look so much better!"  We would highly recommend LaVonne!

                                                 Theresa R.



Items in studio are provided by over 70 local vendors.

Relationships with them allow me to provide you with quality, unique pieces for you design that you won't find anywhere else!